Today small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) have access to a wide range of hardware platforms and software technologies.

These technologies ranging from mobile and intelligent devices to the internet and cloud based services or applications, thus providing limitless opportunities to innovate and accelerate the transform of the enterprise.

Image: Digital can reshape every aspect of the modern enterprise


With the opportunities digital transformation provides, SME’s can change how they interact externally with customers and suppliers across the supply chain, but also internally to optimise business processes, become more agile, increase productivity, while contributing to bottom line.

The underlying pillar for this digital era is mobility, and associated apps need to be simple to consume and deploy, to support the enterprises digital transformation journey. Take for example Produmex Scan, simply adding value to customers using just standard SAP Business One inventory related transactions who want to transform their business.

Below is a typical example of enterprise transformation, changing from an offline business to an online business by performing transactions on-time and real-time, thus eliminating paperwork, reducing waste, and increasing process productivity.

Image: Visual of enterprise transformation

Example: Product volume and range for Customer B has increased significantly resulting in the warehouse house capacity doubling in size. Today all inventory related transitions are managed manually, creating a burden in business operation performance, resulting in a decline in customer service levels, increasing product returns and credit memos, thus affecting business cash flow.

Solution: Produmex Scan  a mobile bar code scanning solution for warehouse operators manages  SAP Business One inventory transactions in real-time. Rapid deployment and ease of use, allows users to start scanning in two hours, providing an accelerated return on investment.