Even in today’s business where access to mobile devices and networks is readily available, many small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) still do not operate an integrated factory and manage their production shop floor operations using paper based systems.

There is nothing wrong in using such systems, but in today’s business environment with increasing competition, the need to remove waste and drive down internal costs, connecting factory floor processes to the rest of the company just makes sense. Just think about the direct and indirect cost savings of removing the need to manually add production data into SAP Business One!


Digitally transform your business by simply putting Produmex PDC into the hands of an operator allowing them to record production time , materials consumed and produced as and when these activities occur during the production order.

This online, real-time connection not only removes business process waste, but dynamically links production planning, customer service, purchasing inventory replenishment and the finance departments together thus transforming the business, to step up to the challenges SME's face in an ever competitive economy.