Scheduling and planning of manufacturing resources is a multi-dimensional and time consuming task when performed manually, and becomes more complex when balancing multiple constraints such as machines, tooling and labor to create a realistic production schedule.

Manual planning makes it more difficult to react quickly due to a number of factors such as:

  • Machine Stoppages
  • Lack of materials
  • Problems in product quality
  • Rush orders
  • Unplanned maintenance
  • Inaccurate product forecasts
  • Unreliable lead times

Scheduling Solution

Many ERP solutions rely on interfacing third party planning and scheduling tools to balance supply and demand versus available capacity and constraints, but with Produmex Manufacturing, a cross industry solutions for SAP Business One, production scheduling is a standard core business function, designed to generate balanced production schedules and providing the following benefits:

  • Improved visibility of capacity and increase resource efficiency
  • Reduce lead times and costs by minimizing inventory
  • Increase profits and customer service levels
  • Purchase materials in line with customer and stock demand reducing inventory obsolescence
  • Understand potential problems and take corrective action to avoid late deliveries
  • Respond quickly to changes based on real-time production updates
  • Improve delivery date accuracy to customer quotes and sales orders
  • Reduce unnecessary subcontract outsourcing by increased utilization of existing resources


A summary of the scheduling functions available within Produmex Manufacturing include:

  • Finite and infinite capacity model
  • Schedule planning board with drag and drop capability
  • Resource calendar definition to create a realistic model of available capacity
  • Define operational constraints such as no overlap, earliest start and latest end dates
  • Routing Sequence to define appropriate resources
  • Operation times such as setup, run time, tear/clean down
  • Single or grouped resources with product characteristics
  • Make to Order multi-level pegging

Image: Summary schedule