How to have maximum flexibility when issuing raw materials for production

June 30, 2022

Cloud Apps

Do you already use our shop floor solution Produce and want the flexibility to decide how to issue your raw materials to the Operators?

In a small or medium-sized company, you want to automate the production process and get a complete overview of the operations on the shop floor. You want to see which production orders are under processing and need an easy way to record time and material requirements to make daily work easier for production employees and avoid manual processes and paperwork.

Also, you have different ways to issue material to your Operators. In some cases, you want to issue material for production in advance using a scanning solution. In other cases you want the operator to issue the material when the operation is completed; e.g: consumable items are usually issued by the Operator.


As the global leading software solution provider in the SAP Business One ecosystem, we can address all the pain points in a very simple way and with easy configuration.

Our Cloud App Produce helps you to organize and prioritize production orders, and track work in progress in real-time. Your shop floor operators can easily start and stop operations and collect time and material requirements if needed efficiently.

With Produce you can:

  • Configure which Materials need to be consumed by the operator
  • The operator is informed of what material has already been issues to the Production order
  • Organize and prioritize production orders
  • Provide production orders for the shop floor
  • Monitor production progress in real-time
  • Select and execute production orders
  • Get fast access to production relevant information
  • Start and stop operations and collect time and material


Produmex Scan was designed to work seamlessly in real-time with your warehouse systems using SAP Business One’s transactions. It means that you’ll have the ability to manage the flow of materials inbound, internal movement, and outbound logistics with ease. These processes will be less time-consuming and more cost-effective.

With Produmex Scan you can:

  • Streamline the way you manage your inventory with Barcode scanning
  • Have real-time and accurate data where inventory is stored
  • And so much more.


Want to see it in action?
Watch this video and learn how the combination of our products can help you to have maximum flexibility when issuing raw materials for production.

Are you ready to transform your business?

If you are an SAP Business One customer and want to achieve higher standards of automation and efficiency in your company, Boyum Solutions might be the perfect fit for you.

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