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Companies expanding operations to penetrate new markets face unique software requirements. The software must fulfill the corporate need for standardization and control and increase the responsiveness of its autonomous subsidiaries, divisions, and suppliers. Choose to run the SAP Business One to get it all. Integrate operations across the extended enterprise, gain consistency and visibility, and grant smaller operations needed freedom to respond to new opportunities.

Balancing Enterprise-Wide Needs
Organizations often strive to balance the software needs of their extended enterprise. For example, the headquarters requires software that establishes uniformity, business process efficiency, and compliance while meeting its need for transparency and visibility. So enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that institutes a standard template is important for corporate operations.

Connect, standardizing your processes and data with SAP Business One

Connect & Transform Business Network Processes Distributors, Franchises, Subsidiaries in the Digital Economy

Moreover, subsidiaries need to be nimble to fulfill their strategic purpose, whether it’s to grow the organization, penetrate a market, or reduce costs through global sourcing or manufacturing. These business units still need to be efficient and in control, but too much standardization can get in the way of innovation. They need room for flexibility while still fitting into the overall corporate structures. That’s where a two-tier ERP strategy can help. A two-tier ERP model lets you preserve ERP investments while equipping subsidiaries with an agile business management system.

Tier-one software like the SAP® ERP application runs at your larger operations, while tier-two software such as the SAP Business One application runs at your smaller locations. The two software solutions are then integrated into one coordinated operation, bringing together your processes, applications, and data.

Why do Enterprises choose SAP Business One

SAP Business One lets you coordinate operations and increase visibility with real-time insight thanks to the power of the SAP HANA platform. This state-of-the-art in-memory computing computing technology enables you to transform decision making while cost-effectively managing your global IT investment. As both cloud and on-premise deployments, the software has already been adopted by tens of thousands of small and midsize businesses around the world and runs at more than 2,300 subsidiary locations.

Top reasons why companies are choosing SAP Business One

Ability to Integrate and Standardize Operations and Data

SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that fully integrates with leading ERP software. By centralizing and integrating on a common software infrastructure core business functions ranging from finance and accounting to customer relationship management and inventory, you can eliminate disparate processes and multiple, disjointed spreadsheets and databases. It enables complete visibility and better control to help your whole enterprise run more efficiently.

Connectivity with the Business Network

You can readily connect SAP Business One with other applications across your business network. A robust integration framework simplifies the effort to integrate outside software systems that enable processes unique to your operations, such as online ticketing, customer orders, or event registration. In addition, preconfigured integration packages are available to connect SAP Business One quickly and affordably with applications across the enterprise, including other SAP Business One instances and the SAP ERP application. This helps you manage inter company transactions by synchronizing data and providing for streamlined financial consolidations

Fast Payback

Running SAP Business One as part of a multi tier software strategy helps you cost-effectively manage your global IT investment. The software is priced for small and midsize businesses and features a cloud deployment model, which companies may deploy in their private cloud if they choose. This helps companies avoid the capital investment and resources required by an on-premise software implementation.

Better Business Insight

SAP Business One helps you see your financial position more clearly. Powered by SAP HANA, the application provides real-time access to critical data from across the enterprise, letting you perform what-if analyses and predictive analytics. You can use its intuitive search functionality to find whatever information you need quickly and easily. Since the software is fully integrated with SAP Crystal Reports® software, you can create compelling reports that provide insights into all parts of your business. Managers can accurately track revenues, costs, and cash flow so they can assess business performance and make decisions on the fly to improve it. This agility is crucial to maintaining profitability.

Built-In Customer Relationship Management Functionality

By providing embedded customer relationship management functionality, SAP Business One helps you more easily manage contacts and strengthen relationships. You gain a comprehensive view of your entire customer base so you can make decisions to improve service and sales. Customer data is standardized and accessible across the enterprise so you can better understand and respond to customer needs.

Reduced Time and Effort to Expand Operations

By establishing standardized processes and data, SAP Business One helps you reduce the time and effort required to add subsidiaries or business units to your business application landscape. It features a user-friendly graphical interface and point-and-click functionality to minimize training.

Global Support

SAP Business One is used in over 150 countries around the world and though our knowledge and considerable experience of worldwide implementations of SAP Business One for large enterprises running SAP ECC at corporate level, we can support your local and global rollout. If we need SAP ECC resources these can be provided by Movilitas our sister company.

Global Footprint

Companies that have a global presence must factor in a multitude of local requirements specific to the region of operation. SAP Business One helps you overcome the complexities of a global business model by offering support for 27 languages. It has also been localized for 42 countries to simplify tax calculations, streamline reporting, and optimize legal compliance.

Flexibility to Adapt to Changing Needs

With it's flexible architecture, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet unique and changing needs. You can start small and add functionality using the software development kit, and if you need extra functionality such as production, warehouse management, logistics and traceability solutions especially for food and beverage and life sciences these are solution extensions developed by Produmex.

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