Speed and agility are vital to outmaneuvering larger competitors with greater resources. You need to understand the implications of every decision and action without losing momentum – or losing sight of your vision.


That’s why over 55,000 enterprises worldwide trust the SAP Business One application to manage their finances, sales, customers, purchasing, inventory and production planning. And now that performance can be supercharged with SAP Business One version for SAP HANA, bringing the power of in-memory computing to application performance and Big Data analysis.

SAP Business One version for SAP HANA puts as-it-happens business insights into decision-makers’ hands, to help them define and focus on the right priorities. With a single platform for analytics and transactions, you can solve the seemingly unsolvable with real-time simulation and planning, and measurably boost the performance of all your key business processes.


Empower your employees to become more productive with information search capabilities and interactive analyses, and the ability to execute business tasks on the go from their mobile device. You won’t experience any dip in performance as your workforce grows and more users access the software concurrently. And it’s an opportunity to simplify your IT landscape with a single, streamlined solution that gives you big business value at a small business price.

  • Access all SAP Business One data with freestyle search
  • Seamless user experience
  • Locate business information just as you would on the internet

  • New advanced dashboard provides a 360° customer view.
  • Contains numerous KPIs and key customer data.
  • Accessed via Business Partner Master Data
  • You Can Also link the Customer 360° advanced dashboard as an action to an existing dashboard for easy access


  • Complete, accurate and timely picture of your cash flow
  • POs and sales orders from recurring postings included in calculations
  • Sophisticated calculations to help assess payment probability


  • Statistical forecast with built-in models, incorporating trends and seasonal factors.
  • TESM (Triple Exponential Smoothing)
  • LRDTSA (Linear Regression with Damped Trend and Seasonal Adjust)
  • SAP Business One automatically selects the best algorithm
  • Hindcast to dynamically adjust outlier and what-if scenarios
  • Forecast results can be used in MRP wizard


  • Sales orders with positive quantity
  • A/R reserve invoices with positive quantity
  • Inventory transfer requests
  • Production orders
  • Purchase orders with negative quantity
  • A/P reserve invoices with negative quantity
  • Reallocate quantities of documents to fulfill the quantity of the target document
  • Preview and confirm the outcome


  • Obtain Real-time inventory transparency
  • Dynamic aggregation of inventory on – hand, promised and desired
  • Enable sales order re-scheduling to minimize cost



  • Embed analytical content in transaction screens or in a cockpit
  • Real-time analytics reflect transactional activity as it happens
  • Enable front line employees to see data needed to make business decisions – at the moment it’s needed
  • Predict future behavior with forecasting capabilities


  • Help users explore and investigate more information before making decisions
  • Improve productivity by putting the user in control of information
  • Enables end users to create and run reports without requiring IT support
  • MS Excel pivot tables connected to 8 pre-delivered OLAP Cubes make interactive analysis quick and simple


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