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To make informed, confident management decisions, you need visibility into and control over your business – financials, sales, inventory, and more. With the SAP Business One® Cloud solution, you get all the capabilities of the SAP Business One application with the simplicity of the cloud. SAP Business One is already the backbone of more than 55,000 small businesses, midsize  companies, and subsidiaries of larger enterprises worldwide.

These organizations have been able to integrate, standardize, and streamline processes across business functions and can make decisions in real time based on a single, trusted source of information.

With SAP Business One Cloud, you get the comprehensive business management tools of SAP Business One with software-as-a-service delivery, offering a flexible alternative to deploying traditional, on-premise infrastructure and perpetual licenses.


For a simple subscription fee that covers software, service, and support, you can access the full functionality of SAP Business One with SAP Business One Cloud, hosted either by SAP or Produmex service providers


The subscription is affordable, easy to understand, transparent, and predictable, helping you manage your cash flow. Payment terms are based on the number of users and the length of your contract, starting at 12 months, so you can tailor your service to fit the precise needs of your business. And the operational expenditure (OPEX) model helps you plan for and support the changing business environment more responsively.

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