Build helps you to calculate your product costs


Build helps you to calculate your product costs

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - Product costing, seamlessly integrated into the product management process of Build, is available from December 10th. This new feature helps you calculate new and evolving products and transfer the determined sales price to an SAP Business One price list.

Product costing in Boyum Cloud Build supports the calculation of

- direct material and labor costs

- indirect material and labor costs and sales costs

- manufacturing costs

- sales price determination

You can now calculate direct material and labor costs based on the product structure. In addition, you can use overhead rates to identify indirect material, labor and sales costs, and calculate the manufacturing costs.

For sales price determination, a profit markup can be added and the net sales price calculated. The price can be adjusted and transferred to SAP Business One when the product request is released.

Build enables product owners to efficiently manage products, calculate manufacturing costs and sales prices, and and release them for sales and production.

By the can use Build three months free of charge!!!!!

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