On 25 of May 2018 the EU-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. At Boyum IT Solutions we welcome the GDPR as it strengthens the protection of personal data and is made with the purpose of protecting people from attacks on their privacy. We have always done our best to ensure that we follow the regulations set out by the local authorities. The GDPR is an opportunity for companies, ourselves included, to become transparent about what data we collect, for what reason as well as how we process it and whom we share it.


What is affected?

At Boyum IT Solutions we develop products sold through our partner channel but we also develop online services such as the Boyum Portal that serves all our partners and customers when placing orders and managing their licenses. Since we’ve always had a focus on privacy, you will not see big changes in our products or services. We’ve always kept personal information gathering to a minimum and only if relevant in the product or service. However, we will make it easier for you to understand what personal data is kept in our system as well as feature changes that makes it easier for our customers to comply with GDPR such as extraction, reporting and anonymizing personal data.


Where can I find more information??

We want to make it easier for you to understand how our products and services store and process personal data. We will therefore soon be introducing a new area on the Boyum Help Center dedicated to Privacy around our products and services. Here you will find privacy information notices for all our products as well as descriptions on how we integrate privacy into our products using the Privacy by Design (PbD) Framework. You can already now find GDPR information about B1UP, Beas Manufacturing, CRM for Outlook and B1 i Payment.


What about the Boyum Portal?

We keep minimal personal data on the Boyum Portal for partners to process orders and to manage end-user licenses. In the near future when you log into the portal, you will be presented with what information we keep and process about you to ensure transparency. This is on an individual basis and you will therefore have to review and approve the terms to use the portal.

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