Get a free trial of the Boyum Pack modules

The best way of proving that the Boyum Pack will help you achieve efficiency, transparency and an optimised business, is by letting you try the solution for free.   

We'll let you try it for 20 days - and by then, we are sure you'll see an improvement in how you use SAP business One. 



What does the trial include?

B1 Usability Package  

- This makes it possible for you to customise SAP Business One to fit your business needs

B1 Print and Delivery

- You get an integrated Crystal rapport, which makes it easy to e.g. E-mail, save or print all communication with customers and vendors directly from SAP Business One.

B1 Time Task

- With this module it becomes easy to optimizing projects and resource management and costs.  

B1 Mailchimp

- If you use Mailchimp, then this module is essential. Get all relevant features in your SAP Business One interface. 

B1 Document Manager

- B1 Document Management lets you manage documents outside SAP Business One, and still let's you find them within the system. 

B1 Budget

- With B1 Budget you can create budgets for customers, items and furthermore you can run reports for budgets detailing Management and Sales.