B1UP - saving you time and money

Approximately 70% of the SMB respondents struggle and spend a significant amount of time per week managing different productivity issues.
In most cases, the reason for productivity losses is due to poor tools that are not adjusted to the customers’ specific requirement.

Rather than relying on expensive development work, B1 Usability Package lets you customize SAP Business One to suit your needs.
This module will help you cut this portion of your working day to a fraction of the size that it is now. Saving you and your colleague’s time and your company money.

With B1 Usability Package your business can simply create and apply various types of rules to any fields in SAP Business One. There is no coding involved in these customizations, so there is no need to hire a developer in order to implement them.

This is a horizontal solution that serves a wide array of customers and industries, offering them an easy to use solution to deal with unique challenges. 

ROI with B1 Usability Package

B1UP helps achieve a return on investment (ROI) in the shortest possible time. Return on investment does not just imply in terms of financial gain.

It can be in terms of the growth in productivity, efficiency, or in terms of overall improvement in the performance of the company or even to the extent of better transparency in the operations being carried out by the firm and of course, the satisfaction of the users.

What customers say

“.... after using B1UP for few weeks, it’s weird work without it... as SAP Business One look naked when the Add on is not running....”

Yoni Sawransky, Director, IMR, S.A. Panama

"I cannot recommend the add-on enough - Every customer with SAP Business One should have B1UP."

Andrew Phillips, Yuma Limited

What are the benefits of B1UP?

Cost reduction 

What is the benefit of making an employee’s job easier to the company? One word: productivity. An employee that is less weighed down by inefficient business processes, who can communicate with ease cross-functionally and who can access data with no concern for its validity is a productive employee. And a productive employee benefits the organization every time he or she comes into work.

More than 50 financial services firms showed that if the data-entry associated with one document costs $1, the downstream costs incurred for one document with a data-entry error can easily add up to $300. This means that if wrong processes and no data validations increases the error rate by just one-tenth of a percentage point, the resultant costs wipe out the benefits of a 30 percentage point reduction in labor costs.

B1 Dashboard

B1 Dashboard

With the B1 Dashboard you get an 360 illustrated view of your company.

This modul gives you a visual presentation of your business data. You get a detailed and fact-based view of your activities and statements so you can make better business decisions.

B1 Dashboards consist of various types of graphs and charts, which gathers information from multiple sources into a single view.

This gives you an overview of the important figures in one image from where you can make decisions.


With B1 Dashboard you can visually set up your KPIs, so you easily can monitor your fundamentals and get a clear picture of how your business performs.

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Business Rules

Define triggers and conditions for activation of different business rules which can be added easily to SAP Business One

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Import/Export Data tool

With this core funktion, you no longer need to purchase a seperate solution for importing and exporting data from  SAP Business One. 

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Administrative tools

Update selected master data in one click, copy form setting per document and copy authorization from one user to a selected group or user. 

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Screen Design tool

See how you can design your own menus, forms and taps

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Easy Access

Search for any data existing in SAP Business One and externally, create a new Item or Business Partner on the fly and applie buttons on every window

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The Toolbox is a series of 40+ smaller functionalities, which in themselves are too small to be a module. See some of them here.

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Data Quality

Make every field in SAP Business One mandatory and easily set a list or range of valid values to any field you choose.  

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Learn how automation will save you time and money while all the systems are organized. 

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