B1 Print and Delivery

B1 Print & Delivery is advanced Crystal Report integration enabling users to email Marketing Documents and Account statements from SAP Business One via Outlook, saving them eons of time and briefcases of money.

B1 Print & Delivery enables you to create, save, print and email any document type from within SAP Business One with just one click of your mouse.

Using Crystal reports, it creates customizable templates of each of these documents so that they are all branded with your company logo and corporate layout.

Email, Print & Save any document

B1 Print & Delivery can take over the entire document handling process for sales and purchase documents. You have the option to control each of the delivery methods (Print, show, Email, PDF and add document).

Automate your communication

To minimize your workload you can now automatically group, schedule and send out mass e-mails on every minute, hour, day or month.

Easy customization

You can work with multiple layouts of different business partners or on the fly choose a different layout.



Business Rules

Each single action you can do can be customized in details with the powerful report action configuration.

An action can be: an email being sent out, saving the document, SQL query, activity, internal message, conditional action and more.

You can set up individual actions or group them together in a multi-action For example: Quotation being sent to a new leads will include a brochure and an automatic activity will be created to follow up within 5 days.