B1 Mailchimp

B1 MailChimp is connected to MailChimp’s Online Newsletter platform, one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use newsletter tools with well over 1 million users internationally. This marketing tool is free to use providing your mailing list is under 2000 recipients.

The B1 MailChimp Module offers integration between contacts in SAP Business One and newsletter recipients in MailChimp, providing an easy way for you to design your own campaigns, broadcast your news and special offers to your customer base as frequently as you like, and then monitor these marketing pushes to see how effective they are.

Mass Syncronization of Contact Persons

You have the option to do a mass add and update of business partner contacts to selected online subscriber lists in MailChimp directly from SAP Business One.

View and Sync by Business Partner

Easy synchronization of contacts in SAP Business One and newsletter recipients in MailChimp.

Easy Reporting

With B1 MailChimp, statistical reports like bounce and unsubscribes are also available.