Quality Control & Release Management

Key Functions / Benefits

QC Inspection Plan

       Various types, related to master data, for all steps
       across the business process / supply chain

       Control and acceptance steps, measurements,
       attachments (instructions), documents (information)

       Flexible rules for scenarios to generate / execute QC
       order, material flow, message flow to support
       certified, validated or audited process

Test, acceptance and release management

       Flexible definable and executable scenarios at all
       levels (order, QC test, measurement, attachment)

       4-eyes acceptance, electronic signature, electronic
       recording of activities

       Initialize or generate workflows for controlled goods
      (block, release, warehousing), messages, attachments

QC order generation and creation of workflows

       Manually, automatically, condition-based with fix
       rules, additionally customizable based on scripts

       Conditions for random samples; per order/operation;
       all x orders / pieces / batches; per time unit; business
       partner- or supplier-related; item
       versions/warehouse/ inventory / shelf-life-based

Test, acceptance and release

       All data available for reports / dashboards per time
       period, order, sampling, measure, certificates

Quality control order