Product Configuration Variants

Key Functions / Benefit:

Menu controlled management of product characteristics and variants

  • Parameters, variables, formulas, string functions, conditions, rules, characteristics

  • Additionally visualized support of the configuration with pictures, graphs, other information

Assignment of the configuration structure to fields, information of Items, multi-level BOMs, routings

User interface for the configuration of products, according to application

  • Automated generation of a dynamic user interface and guided selection

  • Static user interface to fill in the selection paramaters

Integrated workflow in sales quotation and order management processes

  • Calculation of sales prices, creation of product text / information

  • Generation of product structures (modifiable) as basis for bottom-up calculation of cost and margin, in case of order entry conversion to work order data

  • Direct creation of work order data (multi-level BOMs, routings)

  • Generation of new master data (items, BOMs, routings)

Automatic recognition of already existing product variants 

  • Presentation of pattern number or item number (in case of master data) as default value

  • Consideration of stock / availability of variants (level finished goods and subassemblies)



Product configurator from sales order

Product configurator from sales order

Variant Generator

Can be used without Product Configurator


        Manage values and variables, e.g., selection tables and formulas

        Allocate to fields of bills of material and routings


        Screen with automatic query of the variables

        Create bills of material and routings for use in precalculation and/or production

Product Variants A-Z

Based on maximal BOMs and routings


        Items of BOMs and operations can be allocated to one or several variants

        The allocations will be considered on multi-levels


        Selection of the used variant in sales quotations, sales orders, precalculations or           at the point of generating work orders

Variant matrix A-Z