Material Management


  • Gross/net Scheduling by item
  • Information on inventory, scheduled Goods Receipt/Goods Issue, referencing production or customer orders or purchase order
  • Including / excluding several sales forecasts in parallel

Multiple Material Requirements Models

  • Different strategies considering standard bills of material / routings, precalculation structures and/or work order specific structures, with/without forecast
  • MRPI / MRPII can be selected
  • MPS (master production scheduling)
  • Determination of material requirements gross/net with generation of the order proposal lists for production and purchasing
    • Immediate execution, creation, scheduling and dispatch of production orders
    • Immediate execution and creation of purchase requests or orders
  • Backward order scheduling included

Additional Options for Control of Goods receipt

  • Automated income goods transaction with printing of goods receipt documents and/or labels

Retroactive Postings based on Demand to Work Orders

  • An automatic debit of the bills of material, a booking of the finished products as well as the closure of the order results from the input of the production quantity

Unscheduled Postings based on Demand to Work Orders

  • Notification of unplanned obtaining of materials and hourly rating on demand

Reservations and Allocations

  • Hard reservations of material
    • Physical and projected stock
    • For sales and work orders
  • Allocation warehouse
    • For production and shipment
    • For precise material logistics

Extended Batch Processing

  • Automatic numbering can be selected
  • Monitor batch tracing
  • Create / print batch certificates
  • Various statistical reports
  • Retroactive postings of batches

Extended Serial Number Processing

  • Automatic numbering can be selected
  • Monitor serial number tracing
  • Create / print serial number certificates
  •  Various statistical reports
  • Retroactive postings of serial number parts

Version Number Processing

  • Version number at item / BOM item level
  • Manuel entry or transfer from CAD/PDM
  • Automated transfer
    • From master data to work orders to produced and delivered products
  • Version number tracking

Extended Inventory

  • Supports batches, serial number parts, warehouses / bin locations
  • User-defined inventory count lists
  • Update inventory data
  • Periodic inventory

Warehouse / Bin Location Management

  • User-defined warehouses / bin locations with up to 3 dimensions based on vector graphics
  • Different to- and from-bin strategies
  • Supports extended batch and serial number processing
  • Diverse analysis

Mobile Data Collection for Warehouse / Bin Location Management

  • For WLAN- and Windows Mobile-based devices
  • Warehouse information
  • Stock movements
    • Receipts from / issues for production
    • Goods receipts / issues
    • Stock transfers
  • Goods receipt for purchase orders
  • Inventory
  • Quality control

Material Coding and Labelling

  • Integrated in beas modules and/or integration of third-party solutions for dedicated industries (e.g. Codesoft labelling system)