Machine, Process & Energy Data Collection

beas and mpdv agreed in a strategic partnership

beas and mpdv, a leading and globally present provider of MES solutions, agreed in a strategic partnership. The result is dedicated modules out of HYDRA MES, the very successful solution suite of mpdv for larger enterprises, defined and available for beas industry solutions exclusively. Target is to extend beas industry solutions for machine, process and energy data collection with a very attractive cost / performance ratio for SME’s.

Machine Data Collection

HYDRA monitors your machines automatically, continuously and around the clock. Information is visualized up-to-date and can be displayed for example in a realistic machine layout. Collected machine data is used for KPI calculation in real-time.

The main features are:

Automatic collection of pieces and quantities

Configurable shop floor monitor

Various overviews and evaluations including overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) functions

Automatic detection of production and downtime

Collection of downtime and failure modes

Monitoring of a machine (configurable)
Shop floor monitor of machines and equipment
Overview of recorded machine statuses

Process Data Collection

With HYDRA you can monitor and document processes running at your machines during production. If problems arise counter measures can be taken instantly to avoid producing faulty parts - sufficiently in advance. Collected data can be used for quality assurance.

The main features are:

Collection and storage of process values

Logging of process interruptions

Evaluations of process interruptions

Monitoring of action limits and tolerance limits

Online status of processes

Process logs

Graphical process analysis

Energy Data Collection

HYDRA Energy Management (EMG) supports you incorporating measures to save energy complying with DIN EN ISO 5001. Collect and display your energy consumption in detail. Identify "energy guzzlers" and process-induced  peaks in consumption referring to products, used raw materials, machines and tools. HYDRA EMG assists you to introduce specific measures to improve energy efficiencies and to develop new planning strategies.


The main features are:

Management of energy counters and hierarchical structures

Automatic alert systems of infringing target values

Consumption profiles to identify power peaks

Collection, visualization and monitoring of energy consumption

Analysis of consumption in correlation with other production parameters

Energy KPIs and planning strategies to improve your energy consumption

Energy consumption analysis as basis for decision-making