Integration Hub for CAD, PDM, SCADA, LIMS, etc.

Aware of the steadily increasing demand for enterprise-wide integration of main and subordinate processes, as well as the need to have full control and transparency of business processes through procedure and regulation releases, our latest functional extension has been dedicated to these application areas.


beas Industry 4.0 Data Integration Hub

Support of XML, CSV and MS Excel file formats as well as SQL data access

Highly flexible configuration via mapping on file and field level, even for complex multi-level XML-data structures; the creation of an integration logic has been considerably simplified

Integration of CAD / PDM systems (items, BOM, drawings, routings)

Integration of MES, SCADA, LIMS, WMS systems with automated transfer of production quantities and times, process and energy data, material transactions, etc.

Integration center (import program)
Special cases can be programmed
CAD import
Automatic import