Calculation / Product Costing / WIP

Key Functions / Benefits:

Automated product cost / price updates

       Batch pre-calculation as automated recalculation and
       update of product costs, creation of
       SAP Business One price

High flexibility in application and definition of the results

       Pre-, current and post calculation with free
       definable calculation scheme

       Calculation of master data, work orders, manually
       created caclulation objects


       Variation of calcuation data, pricing parameters,
       cost rates, quantities

       Information like full and marginal costs, contribution
       and profit margin, sales price


       Batch calculation with several filters to inquire
       differences in work orders and analyse variations
       in the production process

Generation of calculation data / structures as part of the business processes

       Generation of calculation data to integrate in sales
       quotation and order management

       Integrated transfer of calculation data to work order
       for further processing

Comprehensive consideration of data and parameters for bottom-up calculation

       Precalculation of BOMs and routings, recipes,
       projects, with access to SAP Business One pricing
       incl. special conditions and volume discounts

Cost analysis