Business Performance

Key Functions / Benefit:

Budget / multi-tenancy

       Budgeting of cost types/groups, comparison of

       Copy to new tenancies, simulations, take-over of
       actual data as new basis for budget

Dashboard Analysis provides the ‘inside view’ at the business processes - as basis for continuous improvements Analysis (e.g. productivity, profitability, quality control, lean manufacturing, other)

       External supplier analysis

       Quality control costs

       Productivity of resources

       Production performance actual vs. planned


                  Production costs

       Cost object controlling


                 Value generation


Cost type, cost center calculation

       Collection of transactions (quantities and values)
       from accounting, manufacturing, salaries

Structure, distribution, apportionment of fix and variable costs

       Cost types, cost centers, groupings, distribution and
      apportionment keys

       Free definable structures, groupings, aggregations

       Calculation of hourly rates (full and marginal costs)
       for calculation and direct costing

Cost objects, profit and loss, contribution accounting, process costing

       Definition of cost objects, e.g. lines of products

       Profit and loss statements per line of product
       (revenues from accounting)

       Flexible structure, multi-level contribution
       accounting, contributions for product calculation

       Calculations of process-based costs
       (consideration of transaction data)

beas for HANA - Pervasive Analytics

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