APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)

Key Functions / Benefits

Graphical visualization of the scheduling results

  • Table forms and Gantt charts (drag & drop options)
  • Work order and resource-oriented views with critical situations, alternatives, etc.

Planning type

  • Backward (material priority), forward (resource priority), manually per drag & drop
  • Dissolving backlog, forward earliest possible end / delivery date, try to keep the end date

Comprehensive consideration of parameters and interdependences

  • Resources / groups (machines, people, volumes, etc.) finite / infinite, alternative, parallel
  • Tools, material availability (subassemblies, purchase parts)
  • Work orders, plan and simulation orders, projects, single- / multilevel, consisting of BOMs, routings, recipes, activities, milestones, etc

Workload optimization, sequence planning

  • Manually with undo of the planning steps
  • Automatic selection of the optimal resource (according to sequence, lowest workload
  • Automatic sequencing (priorities, flexible rules e.g. according colors, tools, mareial)

Crating work plans, order queues per resource, group (pool list)

APS Gantt diagram (work order)